Branch 2016 /2018 Executive
Wayne Hayes
Immediate Past President
John Harris
1st Vice President
June Hayes
2nd Vice President
Stuart East
3rd Vice President
Virgina East
Secretary/Treasurer Patti Kennedy
Sgt-at-Arms Ian Mac Donald
  Ian Franke Krim Francis
Karen Moore Gordon Hornet Evelyn MacDonald

Standing Commitees

Poppy Chairman Ian Franke Stuart East
Ways and Means Ian Franke Evelyn MacDonald
Entertainment Wayne Hayes  
Veterans Service Officer Krim Francis  
Seniors Ian Franke  
Sports Officer Wayne Hayes  
Membership Chairman June Hayes  
Public Relations Ian Franke  
Honours & Awards Karen Moore  
Youth Education Chairman Karen Moore  
Track & Field Chairman Virgina East  
Walk-a-Thon Virgina East  
Bar Chairman Gord Hornett  
Cadet Liaison Krim Francis  
Chaplain TBA  
TOD Krim Francis  
Non-Executive Position
Office Administrator Paulette Webber  
Sick & Welfare Henry Walls  
Janitorial Assistant Wayne McCelland  


Mary Revie Stuart East (Volunteer)
Mary Gagliardi Wayne Hayes (Volunteer)
Irene Locke  





2009/2010 Executive

Front Row Left To right

John Harris, Shirley Reeves, Wayne Hayes, June Hayes, George West , Deanna Aspden

Back Row Left to Right

John Latham, Jack Harper,

Kevin Chambers, Ray Johnston, Peter Vanslack, Bob Dafoe,

Heather Vanslack


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