Colour Guard

The Colour Party is actively involved in many events over the year.

They preside over every General meeting at our Branch and have participated at events such as such as the Official Opening of the Dalton Armoury, our Branch annual Tattoo, Warriors’ Day Parade at the CNE, Pine Hill Cemetery Memorial Services Parade, Warriors’ Day Parade at Cambridge, Remembrance Day Services in St. Peter Church, Remembrance Services Parade at the Scarborough Civic Centre and the Branch 614 Remembrance Services. 

We are proud of the members of our Colour Guard as they represent our Branch around the province.

Deanna Aspden


Warriors Day -August 21, 2011

Sgt @ Arms - John Lathan

Henry Walls

Karen Moore, Stuart East, Wayne Hayes, Mike Cochrane

Leading Branch 614 was 1st Vice President - June Hayes


Pine Hill Parade - September 11, 2011

Henry Walls, Wayne Redman, Stuart East, Patti Kennedy, Robert Thomas Sgt @ Arms - John Lathan



Branch 614 Colour Party at the Branch Annual Tattoo

Branch 614 Colour Party at the CNE Warriors Day Parade



Branch 614 Colours on Parade in Cambridge

Our Sergeant-At-Arms, foresees that this year will also be a busy one.  He would therefore like to encourage members to join the colour party.This would be a great opportunity to be trained as a member of the colour guard and gain more experience as a future Sgt-At-Arms of the Legion.

Please contact our Sergeant-At-Arms John Latham at the Branch for more information.





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